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PTV Old is continuously working on compiling the memories of the past of Pakistan Television. We want to document all major segments of the gone past including actors, dramas, writers, directors, singers, workers and others. And yes, its a long process.

Drama remained the top feature of PTV and the national television produced superb dramas which are now an asset of memories for Pakistanis. We are bringing you a series of “20 Old Dramas of PTV” in which we will compile famous or non famous dramas of the past. We are making parts of this series and you will not only get them as an article on our website but videos will also be available on website, YouTube and Facebook.

This is the first part and we have included these 20 dramas in this part:

1- Marvi
2- Dhuwan 
3- Janjalpura
4- Khuda Ki Basti
5- Aanch
6- Aangan Terha
7- Sunehre Din
8- Zard Dopeher
9- Andhera Ujala
10- Rahain 
11- Choti Si Dunya
12- Guest House 
13- Sona Chandi 
14- Chand Gerehn
15- Jangloos 
16- Sahil 
17- Pyaas
18- Aakhri Chatan 
19- Shehzori 
20- Jhoot Ki Aadat Nahi Mujhey 

These were no doubt super hits of the past. The one who has watched all of these dramas can not make a choice easily to pick one as the best. Look at this list again and then again. Remember them for a while and you will feel awesome. Each drama has its memories and years ago we all used to wait for them on PTV screen.

Janjalpura, Guest House and Jhoot Ki Aadat Nahi Mujhey were comedy based dramas. Aangan Terha also had a deep comedy sense but it was balanced with seriousness. Khuda Ki Basti is among all time classics of PTV and same is the case with Shehzori. Aakhri Chatan was based on Naseem Hijazi’s famous novel and was liked by everyone. Jangloos was kind of a mystery. Marvi was a super hit. Dhuwan was admired by youth of that times. And rest of the list is having family stories.

These dramas are from different years and give you an overview of the quality and class of PTV dramas in the past.

In our next part of this series we will bring you 20 more old dramas. Stay connected with PTV Old.

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