Aangan Terha was, and it is, so nostalgic to watch. Written by Anwar Maqsood and directed by Qaisar Farooq, it is among the most celebrated dramas PTV has ever produced. With a very small cast but an attractive story, Aangan Terha earned huge appreciation. 3+2 characters were the core of the production as 3 basic characters of Mehboob Ahmad, Jahan Ara Begum, and Akbar were performed by Shakeel, Bushra Ansari, and Saleem Nasir respectively and 2 supported characters of Chaudhri Sahab and Sultana Begum were played by Arshad Mehmood and Durdana Butt. Some guest appearances were made in each episode and Moin Akhtar, Lehri, Mehmood Ali, Alamgir, Anwar Maqsood, Qazi Wajid, Azra Sherwani, Muhammad Yousuf, Sultana Zafar, Latif Kapadia, and Asif Raza Mir appeared as guest characters in different episodes.

Mehboob Ahmad and Jahan Ara Begum spent their life through roughs and toughs with their servant plus cook Akbar. It was a family of a retired government servant with limited resources fighting for survival in a respective way. Akbar was basically a bond for the other two family members. And Chaudhri Sahab and his sister Sultana Begum, living in neighbor, were close family friends who have shared smiles and happy moments as well as stood beside Mehboob’s family in hard times. All these 5 characters equally dominated the whole drama. 

The drama silently criticized the politics on one hand while brought many social issues to light on the other. Light comedy touch gave Aangan Terha special applause. The drama ended by presenting the scenario of loneliness in old ages.

Aangan Terha – Episode #1

Everyone is smiling and joking. Mehboob is not feeling well and Chaudhri Sahab is attending him with his sister while Latif Kapadia is there playing the role of the doctor. But it seems, Mehboob knows something from his past and the doctor is trying to tease him too. Qazi Wajid, as a news reporter, becomes the first tenant of Mehboob’s house where they are forced to give a room on rent to manage house expenses. But the tenant had to run away. Why? … Watch it!

Aangan Terha – Episode #2

This time Moin Akhtar, as a poet, becomes the new tenant but Jahan Ara is not happy because the tenant is increasing the expenses and moreover nobody is ready to listen to his poetry. Finally, the tenant will leave soon. On the other hand, the election campaign is going on as well. But who is contesting, Mehboob or Chaudhri Sahab? Meanwhile, Akbar is teasing the house owners, in fact, blackmailing sometimes, on his salary issue. 

Arshad Mehmood has shown his best skills in Aangan Terha as Chaudhri Sahab and without him, the drama would not have been a great success.

Aangan Terha – Episode #3

While the local councilor election campaign is hotting up, Moin Akhtar leaves and Lehri, as a film star, arrives as a new tenant as he came to Karachi for some project and was looking for a temporary residence. The tenant soon gets engage with the campaign as well and now both, Mehboob and tenant, are making a plan which Chaudhri Sahab is unaware of. Jahan Ara is doubtful about Mehboob’s win in elections but somehow feeling pride and making dreams of a better future. Some opposition people are also trying to buy Mehboob but he knows how to tackle them.

Aangan Terha – Episode #4

All of a sudden, with the help of his tenant, right at the election’s peak, Mehboob Ahmad withdraws in favor of Chaudhri Sahab who was wholeheartedly campaigning for Mehboob before and as a result Chaudhri Sahab is selected as councilor. With this mission accomplished, Lehri departs and now Mehmood Ali, as a traffic sergeant, takes over the room as new tenant who is a relative to Akbar as well. Due to over burden of expenses, Mehboob has to sell some of his house furniture and stuff and Sultana Zafar comes as the buyer. As Mehboob has got some money, Akbar is hoping for his long awaited salaries to be awarded. But everyone knows he is not with them for salary.

Aangan Terha – Episode #5

Chaudhri Sahab is busy in serving the community as councilor and Mehmood Ali leaves the house because Mehboob Ahmad’s mother-in-law has arrived to stay. Jahan Ara is very happy but Mehboob and Akbar are wishing her to leave soon. Singer Alamgir makes a guest entry and sings a song for everyone and people of old ages know that 1980’s was the era of Alamgir. Azra Sherwani plays as mother-in-law and gives life to the character. And yes, Akbar has also received some salaries.

Aangan Terha – Episode #6

As Mehboob Ahmad has managed a new job, his financial worries are reducing and in his neighbor, it’s time for Sultana Begum’s marriage. Muhammad Yousuf, as Karnal Sahab, is groom and Sultana’s marriage is a joy for everyone. Jahan Ara feels that bad times have gone.

Aangan Terha – Episode #7 (Last)

Sultana Begum has come to the realities of life and getting settled with them. Life goes on. Anwar Maqsood, the writer of the drama, appears and informs everybody that drama is ending and all characters have to leave except Mehboob and Jahan Ara. Nobody is ready to leave but they had to. Smiles turned into sadness and tears and everybody leaves. Time changes, years passed and now Mehboob and Jahan Ara have become old and living their last days silently fighting with the loneliness. Asif Raza Mir appears as the last guest character as a thief but he receives an unexpected situation ahead. 

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