Abdus Salam Newscaster

Full Name:
 Abdus Salam

Other Names: Abdus Salam
Date of Birth:
Born at: Ajmer Sharif, India

Death: 2 July, 1992
Died at: Islamabad
Roles with PTV: Newscaster
Famous Works: News
Relation with PTV: 1980’s-90’s


Abdus Salam was born at Ajmer Sharif, India. After his education he joined Hyderabad station of Radio Pakistan as a technical operator. Those were the times when radio was the most powerful media and information source in the country and television was being welcomed. Abdus Salam joined PTV as a newscaster besides radio news and earned fame for his news style. 

He died on 2 July, 1992. He read his last news bulletin at 8pm on 29th June and left for his home on his vespa bike when he met an accident and was sent to hospital. After spending two days in coma he died on 2 July.

PTV Memories:

Abdus Salam came to PTV with his huge experience and seniority of radio news. He was considered among five best newscasters Radio Pakistan had ever produced. Radio newscaster Shakil Ahmad played a part in Abdus Salam’s grooming and by the times he stood as a giant in news field. It is interesting to be remembered that Abdus Salam joined Radio Pakistan Hyderabad as a technical operator. Radio is all about voice and Abdus Salam was confident about his quality of voice and finally he got the chance to rise when he was joined the radio news department. There he started his career which is known to be the dominated and Abdus Salam’s voice reached millions of Pakistanis through the radio transmitters. 

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Back in the past, the relation between Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television was deeply strong. Radio was considered as a nursery for PTV and many PTV stars, including actors, singers, writers, newscasters etc, had come to PTV after spending time with Radio Pakistan. Its a beautiful aspect of the past needs to be highlighted more by the people who remained part of history at that time. Anyway, Abdus Salam, like many others, was among those who joined the miniscreen of the country after his time spent at radio. 

In the presence of many news stars of that era, Abdus Salam didn’t take much time to make his name and started earning love and respect nationwide from PTV viewers. Those were the times when people used to listen news bulletins in Abdus Salam’s beautiful and strong voice. His voice and news reading style is a memory for many Pakistanis.

Abdus Salam died due to a road accident and it was PTV where he spent his last times. After reading an 8pm bulletin, Abdus Salam took his vespa bike and was going to his home when he was hit by a motor cyclist from behind. He received injuries and was sent to hospital. After spending two days in coma, the newscaster died on 2 July, 1992.

Abdus Salam was awarded with the highest civil award of the country, Pride of Performance, by the government of Pakistan after his death.

Radio Pakistan used Abdus Salam’s voice as radio news starter for many long years to pay tribute to him.

Time goes on and people are to be left behind one by one. Memories would continue to be recalled and discussed through newspapers, websites, photos, clips and social media. Unfortunately there are very few information available about Abdus Salam on internet. We have just added one more and hope many others will be added as Abdus Salam’s memories will be carried on.

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