Legend actors of PTV Tariq Aziz, Anwar Maqsood, Ismail Tara, Ashraf Khan, Qavi Khan, Umer Sharif, Bushra Ansari, Arshad Mehmood, Shakeel, Zia Mohyuddin, Ali Ijaz
Some PTV actors are older than PTV in age and experience

This is November 2017 when we are writing this article and 53 years ago PTV was born in November 1964. There are many actors who joined PTV right in its early days and they spent their lives working with PTV. Many of them were working in radio or theater before PTV was launched. They brought their experience with them and provided PTV a strong base in early era. In another sense they are older than PTV itself in age and experience. The list of such actors and people related to PTV is very long, but here we have picked some famous names and faces who were with PTV in early years and who are alive in 2017.

1- Tariq Aziz

The face which was on aired on PTV in its early minutes of launch and the man who is still actively working with PTV. Tariq Aziz not only worked in dramas but he hosted Neelam Ghar which was later renamed as Tariq Aziz Show and Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz. The show is still on and Tariq Aziz is still hosting it even in his old age.

2- Qavi Khan

One of the legends of PTV, Qavi Khan joined PTV in early era as a young artist and played famous roles in many dramas. He remained favorite even on other private channels but his first and last recognition is PTV.

3- Anwar Maqsood

Writer, actor and host, Anwar Maqsood is one of the early era faces of PTV. He wrote many super hit dramas for PTV and hosted the mega shows which became part of golden history of the PTV. Anwar also worked as an actor. Not much active now, but Anwar Maqsood is among those who started career with PTV in early times and they are still alive.

4- Ali Ejaz

He is not working now but Ali Ejaz was a super star of PTV. He got so much fame through PTV that he was later given chance to work in films and he had a successful career in films as well. Ali Ejaz worked in many dramas of PTV from Lahore center.

5- Ismail Tara

His real fame was Fifty-Fifty and his face very famous in 70’s and 80’s. Ismail Tara was known as a humorous actor and he played such roles in many dramas. He presented many skits in PTV shows and Ismail Tara is still around.

6- Sarwat Ateeq

She joined PTV in black and white era and then in 90’s became part of Guest House as Mrs. Shameem which was her career best role and drama. Sarwat did not work too much but had a good time with the television.

7- Ashraf Khan

He is now more active on private channels but his start was with PTV in early times. His work in Fifty-Fifty gave him name and fame and he spent long years working in many famous dramas mostly as a humorous actor.

8- Asim Bukhari

He is still active and working on many channels. Asim Bukhari is one of those who were part of PTV in early era and he gave many successful dramas to PTV. His role of Shaikh Ji in Janjalpura was very famous and people remember him as a great actor.

9- Shakil

At times, he was part of almost every second drama from Karachi center. Shakil is a legend of PTV and still working on television. He produced lots of unforgettable dramas and roles for PTV. He is the mega star of the past. Aangan Terha, Shehzori, Tanhaian and many other dramas are remembered because of him. 

10- Salman Shahid

He earned popularity in 70’s with his comic roles and later on remained with PTV for long years. His work in Such Gup added to his fame. Salman Shahid was accepted in serious and humorous roles. He is still working and is remembered as a pioneer actor of PTV.

11- Arshad Mehmood

He served the national television for so many years after joining it in early times. Successful in serious and humorous roles, Arshad Mehmood produced a lot of memorable roles and dramas. 

12- Zia Mohyuddin 

He is remembered as actor and host. Brought his experience to PTV and joined the television in 70’s. Zia Mohyuddin served PTV in different fields and he is still around.

13- Shoaib Hashmi

Actor and director, Shoaib Hashmi was a popular face of PTV in 70’s and 80’s. He mostly remained behind the camera but acted in many dramas and gave his life time to the television.

14- Bushra Ansari

She has spent his whole life on screen. Bushra Ansari joined PTV in her very early age and later on remained with it throughout the times. She is still actively working on television and is popular on private channels now. But Bushra is a star produced by PTV and she will be remembered as an icon of the television.

15- Umar Sharif

In early years he could not find major roles, but soon Umar Sharif became a popular name of PTV. He acted in dramas as well as hosted shows and mainly got the impression of a comedian. 

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