Long plays were a very special part of PTV transmission in the past and PTV has produced outstanding long plays which have become beautiful memories. ‘Adam, Hawwa Aur Shaitan’ is one of the special long plays of the past.

The drama was written by Naheed Sultana Akhtar and it was a direction of M. Zaheer Khan. Main cast of the drama included:

Shafi Muhammad Shah

Abdullah Kadwani

Zaheen Tahira

Humaira Zaheer

Adam, Hawwa Aur Shaitan has a very strong story and Naheed Sultana brought it so beautifully. The drama tells us how Shaitan plays his tricks to ruin human lives and societies and how the war between good and evil goes on. It also tells us the end points of good and evil.

It is one of the best performances of the legend Shafi Muhammad who played the main role in this drama and made it a classic.

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