Famous scholar and Shia Zaakir, Allama Talib Johri passed away in Karachi. He was 81. Allama Talib Johri was admitted to a private hospital on 10th June where his Corona test came positive the next day. He was on a ventilator for the last few days. 

Allama Talib Johri was among the most famous Shia scholars of Pakistan. He was not only an orator but was a poet as well. He wrote many books out of which “Hadees-e-Karbala” received exceptional fame. Allama Talib Johri was born in Patna, India on 27th August 1938. His father Allama Muhammad Mustafa Johar was a prominent scholar and poet. Talib Johri got Islamic Education from Najaf, Iraq under famous Shia scholars. 

Allama Talib Johri received nationwide fame through PTV’s Majlis e Shaam e Ghareeba’n where he used to address for many years. His speaking style was very famous amongst the masses. 

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