Azhar Lodhi Newscaster 

Full Name: Azhar Lodhi
Other Names: Azhar Lodhi
Date of Birth: 
Born at: —

Roles with PTV: Newscaster, General Manager
Famous Works: News
Relation with PTV: 1970’s-80’s


Among top most famous newscasters of PTV in the past, Azhar Lodhi also remained General Manager of the institution. After serving PTV for about three decades with popularity, Azhar Lodhi went off screen in late nineties and never came back to media.

PTV Memories: 

According to an interesting Gallup survey being held in 1986, Azhar Lodhi was the second most famous male newscaster in Pakistan after Khalid Hameed. Mahpara Safdar was declared most famous female newscaster. But it was a survey anyway.

Azhar Lodhi is a big name in the history of Pakistan. He joined PTV in 1970’s and his serious news reading style with his catching voice attracted the viewers and listeners. Fame and respect was poured upon him later when General Zia Ul Haq came into power as President of Pakistan and Azhar Lodhi became a symbol of an ideology in news media. For many long years the 9pm Khabarnama of PTV was being dominated by Azhar Lodhi.

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 His most famous memory is also related to General Zia when he commentated over the funeral of Zia for many hours. Many people still remember his melted voice as he cried while paying tribute to the late President.

It was also Azhar Lodhi who used to appear on screen to welcome and introduce every address of President Zia Ul Haq to the nation on Pakistan Television.

His special appearances during the 1979 incident of NASA Skylab Satellite is another memory when millions of Pakistanis were inspired by Lodhi’s voice and style.

The sober, humble and respectable Azhar Lodhi remained active in news and was widely discussed person in 1980’s. After the death of President Zia Ul Haq he went to silence. Later in 1997, During his second term as Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif appointed Azhar Lodhi as General Manager of PTV. It was his last active role with Pakistan Television.

After leaving PTV, Azhar Lodhi never came back to screen or media. He started hosting and organizing Naat events where he himself used to perform Naat in his voice.

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