PTV Old Singer Azim Sabir

Full Name: Azim Sabir
Other Names: None
Date of Birth: 1966
Born at: Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Roles with PTV: Singer
Famous Works: Title song Sargam Sargam Phir Sargam, Woh Pehli Ka Chand
Relation with PTV: 1987-2005


PTV singer Azim Sabir was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 1966. After his early education from F.G. Public Secondary School Mehfooz Road, Rawalpindi he did his B.Sc. from Asghar Mall College, Rawalpindi and later studied IT from Abacus College of Computer & Management, Rawalpindi. He worked as Master Trainer with IT & GTL Ltd. and as IT Manager with Hycarbex American Energy. He then joined Petroleum Exploration as Manager Graphics. Azim started singing at a young age and started appearing on Pakistan Television during its golden times in 1980’s.

PTV Memories:

Azim Sabir sang his first song on PTV for Shahid Masood’s program ‘Umang’ in 1987 which was composed by Khalid Siddiqui. He then continuously sang many songs on PTV in coming years. Including his tributary songs, Azim gave his voice to more than 250 songs on PTV. He mostly worked with composers like Khalid Siddiqui and Master Abdullah.

His title song ‘Geet hain jo saare tere liye’ for PTV program ‘Saram Sargam Phir Sargam’ received fame which was written by Farooq Qaiser and composed by Master Abdullah. ‘Woh pehli ka chand’ was another famous song of Azim and his tribute song to Ahmed Rushdi ‘Raat chali hai jhoom key’ remained in top 10 on MTV during 90’s.

Azim Sabir spent his singing career at PTV’s Islamabad center and continued his professional career in oil and gas field. It was the time of VCR recordings and some of his PTV songs are saved in VCR cassettes. 
Azim Sabir was nominated for Best Singer Award in 1999.

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