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A PTV Channel dedicated to its past is a wish of millions of Pakistanis.

It is a global trend that big organizations and institutions follow the public demands and mold their services according to what people expect from them. This phenomena is somewhat not true in regard to media and entertainment industry where mostly people are not shown what they want, but they are shown what industry owners want. Even then today’s media industry is always interested to give more attention towards trending topics and add them to their broadcast to get more ratings and watch time.

An example on this topic is the comedy programs almost all news channels are currently running. One channel started a comedy show, they got success and response, second followed and then third and then all were in. All these programs are having huge followership on Social Media as well. There are some channels which are running more than one such programs in a day. All this is because they saw people responding.

Now coming to our topic and our topic is, can PTV not launch a full fledged separate channel dedicated to its past? A channel which only broadcast old memories, dramas, shows etc and interviews of old actors, singers, writers, directors and people who were attached with PTV in the past.

Why this is so important? It is a good question but the answer to this question is more easy and good. Because people want it. Because people are missing the gone days. Because people are badly searching for the past productions of PTV. Because millions of Pakistanis feel that whatever PTV is at the moment, it is not their PTV. Because PTV Old, Classic PTV, PTV Classic Dramas, Old PTV Dramas, PTV Old Songs and many such titles have become high rated tags and trends on Social Media and video sharing websites.

Only on YouTube, there are hundreds and thousands of old PTV related videos available. All these videos are getting millions of views daily. There are huge number of channels with only classic PTV videos.

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There are hundreds of pages on Facebook on this topic sharing old memories of PTV and they have got enormous liking and followership. Our own Facebook page of PTV Old is followed by thousands of people. 

When we read and listen the comments of people about their feelings of gone days of PTV, it sometimes becomes so emotional. Words can not explain the love that people feel for PTV of 1960’s to 1990’s.

Now, we sometimes think that is PTV administration aware of all this? Are they listening and reading what people are saying and writing? Is their some authority within PTV which is monitoring this feed back? Are they discussing or talking about this public feedback? These questions snatch peace of mind.

Nobody can bring the time which has passed. To live in past is also not a healthy thing. But to respect and remember the good and great past is something like owning our history. PTV was launched 16-17 years after of the independence of Pakistan and it remained the only and national TV till 90’s. It was a part of every home and family. Regardless of many negative aspects, PTV had played a significant role in nurturing two generations. Then suddenly it surrendered against the private channels and then against the internet and social media and left people with nothing.

Basically, it is understandable that PTV alone can not decide anything. Decisions, like launching some new channel, are made by the government officials. But the situation is worst at officials level. They know only one use of this national institution and that is to use it for the ruling party and people. Nobody cares what people want and what else is going on the channel. Its pity!

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Don’t you agree that if a new channel, let’s say titled as “PTV Old” or “PTV Classic”, starts today with a transmission opening at 6am with Tilawat and Naat, and then it airs Subah Ba Khair hosted by Mustansar Hussain Tarar with cartoons, news and guests and talks and then after 9am it starts local old programs ….. Don’t you agree that such a channel will beat all other channels within days?

Don’t you agree that a channel airing weekly old dramas like Waris, Khuda Ki Basti, Guest House, Janjalpura, Tanhayian, Dhoop Kinarey, Jangloos, Aangan Terha, Neelam Ghar, Studio Dhai and many others, will get the maximum rating and viewership?

Don’t you agree that every Pakistani would love to watch Khabarnama at 9pm on PTV more than watching the other news channels, with newscasters like Zubair Ud Din, Hameed Akhtar, Khalid Hameed, Ishrat Fatima, Masroor Kazmi reading news again?

Don’t you agree that even our kids today would love a channel showing them programs like Ainak Wala Jin and Kalian and teaching them reading Quran in Iqra at 3pm?

Don’t you agree that a channel presenting interviews and memories sharing programs of people like Tariq Aziz, Qavi Khan, Shakil, Arshad Mehmood, Bushra Ansari, Anwar Maqsood, Qasim Jalali, Firdaus Jamal, Irfan Khoosat, Suhail Asghar, Rahat Kazmi, Tajdar Adil, Ayub Khawar, Hafeez Tahir, Asghar Nadeem Syed and thousands of others is not a need?

In fact we can’t give an example of any such channel available anywhere in the world. Maybe somewhere it is done, but at least we don’t know. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t do it. But it seems that PTV administration and government officials will not even think about it and It will remain a wish.

But … if you have read this article till these lines, and you are thinking the same, why don’t we all together share ideas to make this dream happen? How? … Let’s start thinking and we will write about this “How?” in another article soon.

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