Picture of actor Yousuf Ali in PTV Classic drama Choti Si Dunya
Choti Si Dunya was a magical drama of PTV.

If someone asks you to describe the simplicity of Pakistan Television in the past, ask him to watch drama “Choti Si Dunya”.

Written by Abdul Qadir Junejo and directed by Haroon Rind, Choti Si Dunya was a drama with a whole world. It was a production of Karachi studio in 90’s with some known stars of that time played part in it including Yousuf Ali, Sakeena Sammo, Noor Muhammad Lashari, Anwar Saulangi, Salahuddin Tunio, Abida Ali, Aftab Alam, Roshan Ata and Qaiser Naqvi. Yousuf Ali played the main role of MA Khan and the drama was all about his story of going London and coming back to his Sindhi village.

A common Sindhi villager Murad Ali saves life of a foreigner and in return he offers him a visit invitation to his country. Murad Ali, after spending some years in London, comes back to his village and now he becomes MA Khan. He was received warmly by all at village and was given special respect and status as to the villagers it was something big achievement to visit a foreign country and  live there. MA Khan, now a so called learned man and English speaker, feels uncomfortable to readjust in village life and misses London badly. He tries to educate villagers in his style to learn English culture but gets no much success. Villagers also test his command on English language and arrange a language competition. They find out a person Janu German in neighboring village who was known to be an English language expert. Janu German defeats MA Khan in competition as the jury decides in his favor. Due to his different life style, villagers don’t feel easy with MA Khan and his wife who loves him wholeheartedly. But both sides had a strong bond between them and love each other. At the end, MA Khan leaves his village with his wife, Mithaa’n, after a fight with Bhoora Khan but he is brought back by the efforts of Ramzan Khan and they all start living happily.

Choti Si Dunya was aired in 1987 and it successfully presented Sindhi village life. The most prominent aspect of the drama is the simplicity shown in the life of the characters. Basically it was somewhat the real life of the people of rural Sindh. Drama was given the name of “Choti Si Dunya” meaning a small world, but it gives a whole world with daily life smiles and tears, happiness and sadness, ease and hardships. The writer and director must be given credit.

Yousuf Ali acted in a few other dramas as well, but had a short career. This drama became his only major recognition. He was known at national level. He acted the role of Murad Ali so brilliantly and gave it a real touch. Throughout the drama, he remains the center of attraction and you can find him in almost every second scene or situation. A fully busy character gets along the drama till the end.

Sakina Sammo plays the role of Mithaa’n, the wife of Murad Ali. A more than simple lady who loves his husband more than anything in the world. Waits many years for him to come back and when Murad is back, Mithaa’n showers her love and care. She calls him “Sahab” and remains on his side through good or bad times. Even when Murad decides to leave the village, and asks her will, she tells him, “Sahabb! Meri dunya tou wahan hai, jidhar tum ho”. She knows that her husband is everything for him whatever others are happy with him or not.

Anwar Solangi played the role of Ramzan who is most trusted person to Murad Ali in the village. Ramzan always defends Murad Ali whenever other villagers oppose him at any point. Due to his close relation with Murad Ali, Ramzan had to face challenges as well and sometimes when Murad neglects him, Ramzan feels annoyed. It is Ramzan, who at the end of the drama forces all others to bring Murad and Mithaa’n back to the village.

Abida Ali payed the role of Hakeema’n, who is wife of Ramzan and Roshan Atta played role of Zarina, who is wife of Sulaiman.

Noor Muhammad Lashari played the role of Sulaiman beautifully. Sulaiman is the eldest person in the village and everybody respects him but he is the one who wants Murad Ali to behave like all others and don’t have distance from them. This struggles goes on till the end but ultimately Sulaiman keeps a caring and loving heart.

Salahuddin Tunio played the role of Bhoora Khan which is somewhat among major roles. Tunio made this simple role very attractive with his beautiful acting.

Janu German was the character which received so much fame in Pakistan and strangely it was not a major role. Janu German just comes for a language competition with Murad Ali and defeats him. But the title Janu German is still very famous and the character was highly appreciated in the past. The role was played by Aftab Alam and was one of his best performances.

Choti Si Dunya is among the most beautiful memories of the PTV and people still watch it on Youtube and Facebook again and again. These were the dramas which made PTV lifetime love for millions of Pakistanis.

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