One of the historic and memorable long plays of PTV, “Half Plate” was written by Anwar Maqsood and was directed by Syed Mohsin Ali. It was Karachi Station’s presentation. Moin Akhtar and Khalida Reyasat played the main roles while other actors included Badar Khalil, Jamshed Ansari, Latif Kapadia, and Arshad Mehmood.

Regardless of being just a long play, Half Plate is considered one of PTV’s all-time hits, and people still remember the drama. Though some critics say that if the writer would have avoided some unwanted topics, Half Plate would earn much more fame and praise.

The main character of the drama is “Mirza”, a poet, and the drama is all about the personal life of a poor poet and his family. Creating meaningful comedy, the drama also leaves behind some social lessons. The writer, director, actors, and other drama teams made this long play a part of memories for millions of PTV lovers and it will remain a memory for a long time.

Half Plate is nostalgia and gives you more new thoughts every time you watch it. For Moin Akhtar and Khalida Riasat, the drama gets on to the top list of their best lifetime performances. Jamshed Ansari, Badr Khalil, Latif Kapadia, and Arshad Mehmood also displayed their quality acting.

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