Picture of Khalid Hameed PTV Newscaster
Khalid Hameed was one of the most famous newscaster of PTV.

As time is passing on, PTV’s memories are getting stronger for Pakistanis. The memories regarding news and newscasters are very prominent. And nobody can forget Khalid Hameed when we talk about PTV of the past.

For many long long years, he was no where on the scene and nobody knew that where he is. But thanks to the social media which finally brought him back to the eyes and people started knowing that the big star of the past is now living in the United States and working with Voice of America. It was his voice and his abilities of news reading which took him to another media network years ago.

If we arrange a poll and ask people to select the most favorite newscaster of the past, Khalid Hameed will be on first or second place. He can be compared with only one other legend of the PTV news, Azhar Lodhi. When Khalid joined PTV, Azhar Lodhi was there with his nationwide fame. But in his young age, Khalid Hameed started making his place and ultimately he became one of the most liked newscasters of PTV. 

Khalid Hameed’s voice and style is unforgettable. His melodious voice and humble style of news reading is a memory for millions of Pakistanis. Ask any Pakistani to tell some names of the newscasters of the past, Khalid Hameed will be the easiest one to recall.

He remained a great part of 9pm Khabarnama of PTV for a long time and then silently left the screen and migrated to United States. After many years he was found on Facebook and Pakistanis saw him with his graceful white hair living a happy life.

There are many TV channels in the world who retained their brilliant newscaster and anchors permanently working even in old ages and people love to keep on watching them. Don’t know what was wrong with PTV in this regard. Including Khalid Hameed, there were many senior newscasters who could have worked with PTV for long but they were removed. A revolutionary step of calling these big stars back to PTV is not expected from the sleeping administrators of Pakistan Television.

Khalid Hameed will remain with the memories of at least a generation of Pakistan.

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