PTV Old Drama Marvi

Drama Title: Marvi
Released: 1993
Produced by: PTV Karachi
Directed by: Sultana Siddiqui
Written by: Noor Ul Huda Shah
Episodes: 13
Language: Urdu
Actors & Characters:

Ghazal Siddique as Marvi
Mahnoor Baloch as Laila 
Qaisar Khan Nizamani as Akbar Ali
Hassam Qazi as Umar
Sheema Kirmani as Digest Editor
Badar Khalil as Umar’s Mother
Noor Muhammad Lashari as Marvi’s Father
Anwar Solangi as Akbar’s Father
Mahmood Siddiqui as Umar’s Father
Manzoor Murad as Khait
Roshan Ata as Marvi’s Mother
Asad Qureshi
Anwar Baloch

Drama Story:

The story of Marvi circles around the struggle of a local Sindhi girl who is passionate about education and development and wants to change her surroundings. She stands against the traditions and moves to city to get higher education and dreams to go back with a wave of change that people of her area were waiting for since long. The drama presents rural and urban life side by side and also highlights the strong hold of feudal lords in the society.

Memories & Comments:

Noor ul Huda Shah wrote some mega dramas in 90’s and she raised issues of Sindh province in his dramas. Her another Drama ‘Jungle’ was also related to the local Sindhi culture and was produced in 90’s. But ‘Marvi’ received a huge appreciation and the drama went on top of Noor ul Huda’s career. Sultana Siddiqui was also a big name of the era in direction and she beautifully compiled things to bring a big show for the audience of PTV. 

Critics have poorly tried to label ‘Marvi’ as a feminist and kind of women rights approach work and it is due to some hate stories against the regimes. Marvi presented Sindhi culture beautifully and the out class set designing of PTV of those times gave it a special touch. Although Marvi was recorded more out door and at real locations than on sets but even than a strong set designing is visible. It is important to remember that in 90’s, PTV dramas started recordings at out doors and the great era of set designing slowly became part of history.

Before Marvi, Ghazal Siddique was not much familier and Marvi provided her a break through. But Marvi remained the first and last real work of Ghazal and she then silently went away. Mahnoor Baloch had her debut with Marvi and later worked for many years at PTV.

Marvi was very special for Hassam Qazi who was at his peaks in 90’s and was appearing in mega serials. Hassam Qazi played ‘Umar’ beautifully and kept the drama going. 

A reasonable number of the prominent actors from Karachi center appeared in Marvi who were the face of Karachi center. Roshan Atta, Noor Muhammad Lashari, Anwar Solangi, Badar Khalil, Mahmood Siddiqui, Manzoor Murad and others were at forefronts of PTV Karachi in 90’s. Sheema Kirmani, who had worked in a very few dramas, also played a part in Marvi.

Qaisar Khan played one of the major roles and remained as traditional as he was considered in those times.

The team staff and all other cast of the drama finally created a classic and ended up leaving behind another memory for the audience of PTV.

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