Pakistan Television’s long play “Mirza Ghalib Bandar Road Par” is a memory of the 1960s and the drama was written by Khawaja Moin Ud Din and was directed by Kunwar Aftab Ahmad and Khawaja Moin Ud Din. Some very important actors of that time were taken for this drama, like:

Subhani Ba Younus

Ijaz Hussain
Zahoor Ahmad
Qazi Wajid
Mehmood Ali
Munawwar Saeed
Behroz Sabazwari
Zafar Siddiqui
Lala Naseer Ud Din
Naseer Ahmad
Mehboob Shaikh
Izzat Javed
Shehryar Quddusi
Sahar Siddiqui

Khawaja Moin Ud Din got immense popularity for his dramas written after independence and other than ‘Mirza Ghalib Bandar Road Par’, which he wrote in 1956, his other drama ‘Taleem-e-Balighaan’ is one more classic of PTV.

This long play deals with the situation of Pakistani society that emerged after the partition and tells how things changed after 1947. To keep the past and present side by side, the character of Mirza Ghalib is produced who comes back to life after meeting Mir Taqi Mir in heavens to see what’s going on in India and Pakistan which jointly were home to him decades back. Ghalib after facing the changing world recalls his gone times and finally leaves the world again.

‘Mirza Ghalib Bandar Road Par’ is a true classic of PTV and is enjoyed with the same passion even today.

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