Years of hard work and devotion rewarded and famous and loved PTV newscaster Ishrat Fatima is awarded Pakistan’s highest civil award of Pride of Performance by the Government of Pakistan. Though Ishrat Fatima deserved this prestigious award years ago but even now this award giving is appreciated and celebrated by Pakistanis who love Ishrat Fatima. This award is not only a moment of happiness for Ishrat only but it is equally a proud moment for PTV as well as her fans.

Ishrat Fatima’s journey to the Pride of Performance is a long journey in which she had never sacrificed hard working and dedication and kept on moving forward in her field. Started her news casting career from PTV, earned nationwide fame and respect and then joined Radio Pakistan after leaving PTV years ago, Ishrat Fatima remained one of the most famous newscaster not only in Pakistan but in South Asia. She read news in her typical style and soft voice for years and is respected by millions of Pakistanis and earned a huge love.

During the 90’s Ishrat was a topic in almost every home of Pakistan having a television. Those were the golden times of PTV and Ishrat was among people who used to appear on the screen almost daily at 9pm for famous PTV Khabarnama. Along with Ishrat Fatima, Azhar Lodhi and Khalid Hameed were also at the peak of fame and reputation but Ishrat found an unparalleled acceptance and love. The manifestation of this acceptance and love perhaps be possible with the example that during that era many girls were named Ishrat Fatima by parents in Pakistan and such a love is given to a few people. 

Ishrat Fatima is also among those few Pakistani women who were being followed in the society. There were many girls in the past who wanted to become Ishrat Fatima. They tried to look like her, wear dress and dopatta like her and follow her speaking style. There were the times when Ishrat Fatima was an example in Pakistan. With all this unprecedented love and followership, Ishrat Fatima was given Pride of Performance by the people of Pakistan long ago.

On 23rd March, in a prestigious ceremony at presidency, President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi presented the Pride of Performance award to Ishrat Fatima who received it with her traditional style and having dopatta on her head. She is finally admitted in the list of the Pakistanis whose ability and performance are appreciated at state and government levels.

Ishrat Fatima Receiving award from the President.

Ishrat Fatima expressed happiness over receiving the award and said on social media that she is pleased to have this award while her mother is around. She also posted a picture with her mother at this occasion.

Ishrat received so many congratulations from Pakistan and across the world and people who love her and admire the golden past of PTV are paying her tributes. She surely deserves lots of congratulations and admiration. 

During all these happy moments regarding Ishrat Fatima’s award, an old feeling is teasing many Pakistanis that why Ishrat is not on PTV screen now? It was PTV which became the foundation and start for Ishrat Fatima and it was PTV’s screen from which she had received the unmatched love, respect and fame but she is no more on PTV for last many years. Ishrat continued her news reading and even still is reading news on Radio Pakistan then what are the reasons that she can’t be a newscaster on PTV. Pakistanis even don’t know that why and how was she and other senior newscasters of the past were sent homes by PTV administration. This feeling is painful.

Will the higher authorities think, who have considered Ishrat Fatima for the highest civil award of Pakistan, to bring her back to the PTV? Will they consider to place her back to the 9pm Khabarnama and let Pakistanis celebrate the memories of the golden past of Pakistan Television?

Ishrat Fatima reading news on PTV in gone times

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