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Legends are not replaceable and a legend like Moin Akhtar is hard to find. But new faces come and then it takes them time to reach milestones.

Pakistan’s private television ARY has recently started a new show “Faisla Mehfooz Hai” which is hosted by Anwar Maqsood, the man who spent long years working with Moin Akhtar, but Moin Akhtar is no more. Anwar Maqsood had made so many shows on PTV and private channels with Moin Akhtar where he used to act as a compare who invites a new character for interview in every episode. It was Moin Akhtar who presented himself in so many numerous characters in such shows and it all started at PTV. Studio Dhai, Studio Pone Teen and Loose Talk are some examples in which Anwar and Moin worked as a team and pair. In fact people always loved to see them working together. But after the death of Moin Akhtar, the pair was broken.
ARY channel picked a new face for their show to join Anwar Maqsood this time and brought him the way Moin Akhtar used to work with Anwar Maqsood. This new face is Shafaat Ali. 
There is strangely one thing common in Moin Akhtar and Shafaat Ali that both started career with mimicry. At his early career days, Moin used to make mimicries and his skill created ways for him to reach PTV screen. Same is the case with Shafaat Ali who was discovered after his mimicry videos on social media and later Geo and ARY channels took him for their projects. He is not very new in media now but his new venture with Anwar Maqsood is entirely a new effort and a new start.
If you see this new show, you will conclude that it is a very serious effort to bring someone to the place of Moin Akhtar, at least to join Anwar Maqsood as a pair, which he had enjoyed with Moin from PTV to the private channels. This is not a bad effort and positively Shafaat is trying his best.
Basically it should have been done by PTV, as Moin Akhtar was a creation of PTV but what can we complaint when PTV itself had thrown people like Moin Akhtar and Anwar Maqsood away and did not utilize them under its political dilemmas. 

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