Without any doubt there are millions of people who are daily searching for PTV related materials on internet. It includes not only Pakistanis living in Pakistan and Pakistanis abroad but also a huge number of Indians who once upon a time were true fans of Pakistan Television. Google, YouTube, Bing and other search engines are filled with thousands of PTV related search tags. People search for old dramas, actors, singers, songs and other topics on internet and there are huge materials available. In short, PTV is a hot topic on internet.

A special interest of people has been found in watching old dramas on YouTube. Hundreds of old dramas are still a memory in the minds and we love to watch them again. For many years there are channels on YouTube who are uploading old dramas in shape of full episodes and short clips. The sources for the videos remained the old available CD’s and DVD’s which were saved with many people at homes and were also available on shops.  Luckily many of the videos are not blocked due to copyrights and people can find many famous old dramas on YouTube. Recently Shalimar Recording Company created its official YouTube channel and started uploading full episodes of dramas in high quality. It has become a great place to find some real memories of gone times. But where is PTV itself? Why Shalimar is bringing this stuff only? The story of the relation between PTV and Shalimar Recordings is another interesting topic but we all are looking towards PTV and its ever silent management for ignoring the interest of millions of people.

Basically we are in favor of bringing back only one channel in Pakistan and that is PTV which is not only a television channel but it is a bond between the nation. It seems almost impossible in the time we are living in. The second possible thing is to launch a dedicated channel to run in old style, to telecast old materials with all old faces and styles. This is really not impossible especially when everybody knows that such a channel will have more viewership than any other channel in Pakistan. But why nobody in leadership and PTV management is thinking about it? Its a painful question.

The third and very easy option is to at least launch an official YouTube channel for the old content of PTV. It will be like a television channel. PTV with all its copyrights can present the historical content on YouTube and it can also become an earning source for the institution. Many private channels like Geo, Hum Tv, ARY, Urdu One, ATV etc are active on YouTube with big subscribes and earning as well. Why PTV can’t do it? Isn’t it strange? 

Other than the whole political issues of the country, Pakistan needed two institutions to be given sincere care and they were PTV and Cricket Board. PTV and Cricket have a lot to do with the nation and they played a significant role in our society. We can use these two sectors to bring the nation close, to deliver peace, harmony and respect and also to promote our culture, values and heritage. The same can also become a commercial brand and we can earn big money but again, is there nobody thinking all this?

We daily come across questions like, do you have that drama? Can you please provide that and that drama? Tell us where to find that drama? Please upload this drama of the past? and so on. We really feel sorry for the people who loved PTV so madly and they are ignored for years. 

We can predict that a time will come when this demand will reach to its peak and authorities will have to respond. Our current electronic media is going wrong way and a point will come where it will face resistance. Why don’t we stop before a resistance and make better decisions and corrections? Tariq Aziz, Mustansar Hussain Tarar, Abid Ali, Shakil, Bushra Ansari, Anwar Maqsood, Khalid Hameed, Zubair Ud Din, Ishrat Fatima, Naeem Bukhari, Talat Hussain, Haseena Moin, Noor Ul Huda Shah, Nayyara Noor, Sajjad Ali and hundreds of those who were real PTV in the past are still around. Why don’t we realize that we made a mistake to let PTV go for a self death and why don’t we get back and recover our loved institution and bring our old faces to the screen?

PTV, if can’t go for anything big, can at least launch a dedicated YouTube channel for old content and traditions. Make it a kind of television channel. Let people watch and enjoy the golden memories of the past. It is not at all a big task. But who will think, who will shout out and who will take the charge? Yet another sad story of our beloved Pakistan Television. 

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