Rare Pictures of 14 Old Newscasters of PTV ptvold.com

News and newscasters were part of PTV’s remarkable transmission in the past and as newscasters were to appear almost daily on the screen, they became a memory for Pakistanis who have spent their childhood or youth in 1970’s to 90’s.

PTV produced many newscasters who served the news and current affairs field of the institution for many years. Some of them served long and some left early. There were some newscasters who were loved and respected by the people of Pakistan at large scale. People are missing them till to date and searching them on internet and eager to know where they are and what they are doing.

Besides our detailed section of “List of PTV Old Newscasters“, we are continuously writing about the old newscasters of PTV. Here, we have brought you a rare collection of pictures of 14 old PTV newscasters reading news. You will see that all of them, except Shaista Zaid, were famous for 9pm news. Shaista Zaid used to present English news at 6pm but she got a fame which others earned through 9pm news.

So, here are the 14 old newscasters of PTV and see how they used to look like while reading news.

1- Azhar Lodhi

PTV Newscaster Azhar Lodhi PTV Old ptvold.com

2- Khalid Hameed Baig

PTV Newscaster Khalid Hameed Baig PTV Old ptvold.com

3- Hameed Akhtar 

PTV Newscaster Hameed Akhtar PTV Old ptvold.com

4- Zubair Ud Din

PTV Newscaster Zubair Ud Din PTV Old ptvold.com

5- Ishrat Fatima

PTV Newscaster Ishrat Fatima PTV Old ptvold.com

6- Mahpara Safdar

PTV Newscaster Mahpara Safdar PTV Old ptvold.com

7- Shaista Zaid

PTV Newscaster Shaista Zaid PTV Old ptvold.com

8- Nighat Afreen 

PTV Newscaster Nighat Afreen PTV Old ptvold.com

9- Masroor Kazmi

PTV Newscaster Masroor Kazmi PTV Old ptvold.com

10- Shabana Habib

PTV Newscaster Shabana Habib PTV Old ptvold.com

11- Nasreen Parvaiz

PTV Newscaster Nasreen Parvaiz PTV Old ptvold.com

12- Naseem Tariq

PTV Newscaster Naseem Tariq PTV Old ptvold.com

13- Yasmin Wasti

PTV Newscaster Yasmin Wasti PTV Old ptvold.com

14- Saba Faisal

PTV Newscaster Saba Faisal PTV Old ptvold.com

All these famous old newscasters of PTV have ruled the screen and they are well remembered by Pakistanis. Find out more individual details about PTV news casters in our section List of PTV Old Newscasters.

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