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Talat Hussain’s voice is a memory of the past of Pakistan Television.

Talat Hussain has a full fledged career as an actor on PTV and considered a legend of the field but when we recall the memories of the gone days of Pakistan Television, Talat Hussain has another field of expertise as well. It was his voice. 

The senior PTV actor was blessed with a unique and beautiful voice. We remember that many people, while watching his dramas, used to focus on his voice and dialogues delivery and it was something to be enjoyed. His voice alone had a huge fans follow. Those who were young in 80’s and 90’s can imagine and recall the days when Talat Hussain’s voice would identified without his face.

Talat Hussain not only utilized his voice in dramas but his goggler voice was also often used in documentaries and ads. His voice was taken in background for many historical, scientific, social and political documentaries to catch the ears of the viewers along with their eyes. There can be many such documentaries available with PTV archives which can still provide you soothing feelings with Talat’s voice in background.

Similarly, many old people can recall some ads in which Talat Hussain gave his voice in background. It will not be wrong to say that his voice was among the most used background voices for PTV commercials in the past. His voice had played a part in the success of many super hit old commercials.

There were many others with beautiful voices on PTV during the golden times of the institutions, like easily recalled Zia Mohyuddin and Laiq Ahmad, but the level and variety of utilization of Talat Hussain’s voice remained only his achievement. His voice is a memory for those who love the past of Pakistan Television.

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