Full Name: Shafi Muhammad Shah
Other Names: Shafi Muhammad
Date of Birth: 7 September, 1949
Born at: Kandiaro, Sindh, Pakistan
Date of Death: 17 September, 2007
Died At: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Roles with PTV: Actor
Famous Works: Aanch, Chand Girehan, Deevarain, Marvi, Adam Hawwa Aur Shaitan
Relation with PTV: 1970’s-2000


Pakistani stage, television, film actor, radio presenter and politician Shafi Muhammad was born on 7 September, 1949 at Kandiaro city of District Naushahro Feroz of Sindh province of Pakistan. He is celebrated among the most famous faces of Pakistan Television.

Shafi Muhammad got his early education from Hyderabad city and then received undergraduate degree from University of Sindh, Jamshoro. During 1960’s, Shafi joined Radio Pakistan as a presenter and entered in entertainment industry. Radio not only improved his vocal skills but also polished his acting skills through radio dramas. Shafi Muhammad then went for stage and television and also worked in films. His famous films include Bivi Ho Tou Aisi, Aisa Bhi Hota Hai, Rubi and Talash. During his 30 years career Shafi worked in more than 500 dramas for different channels and received many awards for his acting and also received the Pride of Performance award.

Shafi Muhammad was also keen in politics and was a member of Pakistan Peoples Party. He contested the 2002 general elections for National Assembly but lost. Politics remained his interest and he was an active social worker as well.

Shafi Muhammad married to Batool and had four daughters, Alina, Arsalna, Zainab, Sheherbano and a son, Ali Asghar.

Shafi Muhammad died at his age of 58 due to liver failure at his home at Clifton, Karachi. He was buried at Defense Graveyard, Karachi.

PTV Memories:

Famous PTV director Shahzad Khalil introduced Shafi Muhammad to PTV in his drama “Urta Aasman” and later Shafi worked in Shahzad’s play “Teesra Kinara” which proved to be a huge success for Shafi. Teesra Kinara was admired widely and Shafi gave his best to this play. Shafi’s radio training helped him in his television career and his voice and dialogue delivery was perfect. He had his special style of speaking and conversation. He mostly appeared with his serious and smooth face and it became his public recognition. 

PTV was a home for Shafi Muhammad and Karachi center was the base for his acting. Shafi spent almost all his career at Karachi center and was known for Karachi label. But Karachi was only a label for him. He was liked in all over Pakistan and had a huge fan followers throughout country. His name became the guarantee for drama success and it was 80’s and 90’s when Shafi was among the super legends of the television screen. With only one channel in country, Shafi ruled the hearts and minds of people.

Shafi worked in many dramas at PTV and some of them are beautiful memories. His famous dramas include Teesra Kinara, Zeher Baad, Tapish, Marvi, Zeenat, Jangal, Aanch, Band Gulab, Deevarain, Chand Girehan, Dairey and Adam Hawwa Aur Shaitan.

Adam Hawwa Aur Shaitan was a long play and Shafi Muhammad played a main role. The calm and slow play went on as a big success due to Shafi’s best performance.

Marvi is one of the most watched PTV drama in the past and it is remembered because of many reasons which also includes Shafi Muhammad’s role in the drama. Similarly his appearances in Aanch and Chand Girehan made the dramas blockbusters of the times.

Shafi Muhammad was invited in other PTV shows and interviews regularly. He was a notable participant of PTV’s Eid Shows which were something very special for viewers.

It was till the end of the 90’s when PTV was the one and only channel in Pakistan and it produced mega stars like Shafi Muhammad. Later on, Shafi like many others worked for other private channels as well but PTV was and PTV is still their first and last recognition even after Shafi Muhammad’s death in 2007. 

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