Picture Shaista Zaid PTV Newscaster
Shaista Zaid served PTV for a long time.

Shaista Zaid is among those who spent a life with Pakistan Television and served the institution for a long time. The meaning of consistency can be learned from the prestigious lady. Her face is known to a huge population of Pakistan.

The English newscaster of PTV, Shaista Zaid, started reading English news when English was not that common in Pakistan. It was not a very much used language but of course there was only one television channel and right at 6pm everybody watching PTV had to see her face for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Many people used to watch her without understanding the news.

The resident of Rawalpindi city, Shaista was also a teacher and she had her typical reading style which never changed in a long time of her career. She used to deliver each and every word so clearly. A middle pitch of her voice was so beautiful. 

She started as a newscaster and remained a newscaster. She didn’t opted for any other role in PTV even not as an anchor or commentator. Nobody saw her on any other activity on PTV. 

Many other English newscasters came and gone but nobody could make a name like Shaista Zaid made. She even left many Urdu newscasters behind in name and fame.

She earned a huge respect throughout Pakistan and she is a true face of PTV’s news of the past.

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