Tariq Aziz dedicated his whole life to PTV.

If we have a look over the long history of Pakistan Television, we find many people who served the institution devotedly but Tariq Aziz will be on top of many. The man whose face was among the very first ones on PTV right in the start in 1964, is still on PTV as active as before even he has got very old.

Tariq Aziz was one of those who were picked as the very first team to start the television in Pakistan. He came with his experience and then dedicated himself for PTV. He performed many roles for PTV including as an actor and host. His name and fame geared up when he started ‘Neelam Ghar’ as host in 1975 and the show became the strongest brand for PTV. Tariq Aziz reached to almost every home having tv and came up as a national figure. 

Tariq Aziz is one of the rare examples of PTV in terms of retention. He didn’t leave PTV and PTV somehow didn’t let him go. Otherwise the national television wasted its people badly throughout the history. There are many inside stories regarding this retention but at the end, Tariq Aziz stayed and stayed for long.

The 80 years old Tariq Aziz was born in Jalandhar in 1936. After his early education in Sahiwal, he joined Radio Pakistan. He soon went to film world and his film career was not bad. ‘Insaniat’, ‘Haar Gaya Insaan’ and ‘Saligira’ were some of his famous films. When he joined PTV, he was equally busy and famous on radio and film. Since his student life, Tariq Aziz was involved in politics as well. In 1970 he joined Pakistan Peoples Party but in 1996 he was elected as Member of National Assembly as Pakistan Muslim League’s candidate from Lahore. It was the time when he stopped his PTV show for the first time but eventually he came back and the show was started again with a new name as Tariq Aziz Show which was again renamed as Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz in 2006.

As a host when Tariq Aziz started his show, there were some other mega stars doing this job on PTV in same era. Zia Mohyuddin and Anwar Maqsood were very famous and later on Moin Akhtar, Dildar Parvez Bhatti, Naeem Bukhari and many others emerged as icons. But the place Tariq Aziz achieved was much higher than all others. 

In 1992 Tariq Aziz was given the Pride of Performance Award from the Government of Pakistan. 

The status deserved by Tariq Aziz is not given to him by PTV but he is probably the only example of longest retained and devoted services for PTV to present to the entertainment world across the globe.

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