Pride of Pakistan Tariq Aziz passed away in Lahore at 84.

With the sad death of the legendary artist, a bright chapter of the history of art in Pakistan has been closed. Tariq Aziz was among the most famous celebrities of the nation and had no match to his celeb in art. He owned the pride of being the first announcer of Pakistan Television and appeared on television screen when television born in the country in 60’s. He continued his passion and never stopped and ruled the hearts and minds of Pakistanis for over six decades. 

He hosted the most famous show in the history of Pakistan, Neelam Ghar, which was later named after him as Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz. He continued this prestigious show for almost 4 decades.

Tariq Aziz came into politics in 90’s and was elected Member National Assembly from Lahore. 

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