YouTube revived memories of PTV (Pakistan Television) PTV Old
The past of PTV has reemerged on YouTube

Pakistanis who were kids in 1970’s and 80’s and even in 90’s used to share their PTV memories with each other and with their next generations by heart for many long years. VCR and video cassettes were one way available for some to sit together and watch some of the easily available old dramas but most of the memories were available in hearts and minds disks. PTV was there and it was expanding and developing fast but was changing as well and the next generations were growing listening to the fairy tales of the golden times of Pakistan Television.

Internet started reaching Pakistan in early years of 21st century and after 2005 it was knocking at every door. Pakistanis were getting settled with the world web and soon they were familiar with something called “YouTube”. A website which was home to videos and the videos were to be watched again and again and were even downloadable.

Within no time people started uploading PTV related clips on YouTube with the help of cassette players available to them at homes. Those who were in VCR business, brought more content but all this was coming in less then 10 minutes videos because YouTube had the video length restrictions. But it was a joy for many to watch these clips and moreover to watch them again and again.

Many channels were created on YouTube dedicated to PTV related videos and they were receiving huge subscribers and views. People were even making money with PTV videos from YouTube monetization. 

2013 and later years brought more advancements and boom in technology and YouTube was continuously flourishing. Soon the video length restriction was also lifted and longer videos were available. Copyrights rules also got stricter and with all this happening, videos of the past of PTV were coming on YouTube so fast. People were gathering every bit of of the past videos from available sources and were bring them online. By the times the data and content related to the PTV’s past reached to a huge volume on YouTube and copyrights owner video archive companies were also becoming part of the move.

Now, PTV is a big topic on YouTube and thousands and thousands of clips and full length videos of old dramas, long plays, shows, songs, ads and documentaries are available. A huge number of videos are about the reviews and analysis on the past works as well.

YouTube has revived the memories of PTV and in fact it has provided a door to people to get back into the world of past where they had a great relation with Pakistan Television. We can now watch dramas and plays and other content by just searching for them. A deep research can be done on this topic but its a reality that people are watching more old PTV stuff on YouTube than the current and recent stuff of other channels, even of the modern PTV.

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