This is another Eid special long play aired on PTV in the past. PTV old had a strong tradition of special Eid dramas which used to be celebrated and liked by a majority of viewers. In fact Pakistanis used to schedule their Eid with PTV’s Eid schedule. PTV dramas were at their peak in the past and every new production was considered better than the previous ones.

Pakistan Television had the tradition of presenting special long plays on Eid festivals and majority of them would be comedy. We can’t find all of such dramas now but there are a few available on YouTube. “Eid Train” was a masterpiece drama on Eid topic. For many many years in the past, people would love to see Moin Akhtar on screen especially on Eid days and PTV had knew that. Moin Akhtar became a part of the Eid for so many years.

Famous scholar and Shia Zaakir, Allama Talib Johri passed away in Karachi. He was 81. Allama Talib Johri was admitted to a private hospital on 10th June where his Corona test came positive the next day. He was on a ventilator for the last few days.

With the sad death of the legendary artist, a bright chapter of the history of art in Pakistan has been closed. Tariq Aziz was among the most famous celebrities of the nation and had no match to his celeb in art. He owned the pride of being the first announcer of Pakistan Television and appeared on television screen when television born in the country in 60’s. He continued his passion and never stopped and ruled the hearts and minds of Pakistanis for over six decades.

Full Name: Surayya ShahabOther Names: Surayya ShahabDate of Birth: –Born at: — Death: 13 September, 2019 Died at: IslamabadRoles with PTV: NewscasterFamous Works: NewsRelation with PTV: 1960’s-90’sLife: Once a huge PTV star newscaster, Surayya Shahab spent her last years of life in anonymous silence. A very little information is available about her life events…